Differences honoured at St Jude’s

Differences honoured at St Jude’s


Excitement filled the halls of St. Jude’s Catholic Primary School in Langford as students and staff gathered on March 1 in celebration of Harmony Day.

Dressed in vibrant attire representing their cultural backgrounds or wearing the symbolic orange, everyone embraced the spirit of unity and diversity.

Harmony Day is a time to honour our differences and come together as one big family.

Most of the families at St. Jude’s speak more than one language.

Throughout the day, the school explored the rich tapestry of cultures that make the school community so special.

Students learned valuable lessons about kindness, respect, and the importance of making everyone feel included.

The school celebrates diversity each day, with families and staff coming from all across the globe and speaking more than 35 different languages!

During Harmony Day celebration, the school came together to begin the day with a meaningful liturgy, reflecting on the beauty of sharing its traditions and beliefs. It was a touching reminder of the bonds that unite its diversity.

But the fun didn’t stop there! The school enjoyed a day filled with exciting activities, including a captivating performance titled “Rhythms and Instruments of West Africa.”

Students delighted in playing African drums like the djembe, dun dun, shekere, and balafon, creating joyful music together.

Harmony Day was a resounding success at St. Jude’s Catholic Primary School, showcasing the vibrant mosaic of cultures that enrich the community.