Crystal-clear success

Crystal-clear success

Muhammad and Kasy with a crystal.

A crystal grown by a Southern River College Year 8 Science class as part of a chemistry competition has impressed State judges, and has now progressed to the national round of the competition.

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s (RACI’s) annual Crystal Growing Competition invites students to grow crystals from potassium aluminium sulphate, a non-hazardous chemical used in water purification.

Students endeavour to grow the best single crystal which is then judged on shape, clarity and size.

Head of Science Sarina Cooper said the competition had theoretical and applied elements, “The competition allows students to showcase their practical science skills as well as draw on their understanding of theoretical content,” she said.

She said growing crystals helps students develop an understanding of how important science is.

“Everything around us relates to science.  Learning how and why things are created gives us a much greater appreciation for how amazing the world and life is,” she said.

Ms Cooper said she was thrilled with the success.

“I am very proud of the students and they were very excited when I told them,” she said.

“I have never attempted this competition with a class before, so to get this far in the first year is awesome.”