Councillor wants restrictions on Airbnb

Councillor wants restrictions on Airbnb

There are many properties in Canning listed on Airbnb. The prices listed are the nightly cost.

A City of Canning councillor has asked questions about what the government can do to benefit from the impact of Airbnb on tourism.

Citing a report by a major Western Australian news outlet, which claimed Airbnb hosts were making $4.5 million a month in Western Australia, councillor Margaret Hall said she thought the city could benefit from investigating limiting Airbnb listings.

“While I was in Amsterdam a month ago I had discussions with the City of Amsterdam about their problems with this,” she said.

“The Dutch government were going to put restrictions on how many days this service could be used, the suggestion was between 60 days and 90 days per year.

“The question is what will our government do?”

At the time of writing there were 18 available Airbnb residences within the City of Canning, with a cost range from $22 per night for a single room to $166 per night for an entire house.

The report claimed there were about 6000 Airbnb hosts in WA, and about half of all Airbnb users visitors on holiday from Singapore or Malaysia.