Could you last living on the street all night?

Could you last living on the street all night?

City of Canning will look into finding solutions to combat homelessness.

During last week’s homelessness week the Manna non-for-profit organisation decided to put people up to the challenge to sleep for 14 hours on the street with no food, carrying only one backpack, one jacket and five dollars.

There were 69 people at the home- less for a night challenge and the band Silva Dee gave them a warm surprise.

Silva Dee has written a song called “Hanging in There”, which talks about homelessness and motivated the participants to sleep slightly bet- ter at the Leederville Oval last Friday.

Participants meeting in Leederville train station to start the homeless for a night challenge.

Corporate engagement organiser Jenny Boylen said this year they wanted to do something different for people to understand the homeless issue in Perth and across the nation.

Participants were asked to bring five dollars and had to think wisely before using them.

There was food available on site but participants needed to decide whether to get candies, hot soup, coffee or smaller snacks.

This would encourage them to consider what was more important to them and what would potentially help them get through the night.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the rough sleepers in the community and to also help raise much needed funds for Manna Inc.

These funds will be used to help provide meals for the people in Weld Square every weekday, support the Manna Kids program that helps 35 schools with food for students who may have arrived at school that morning not having eaten previously.