Cats dumped at local shelter

Cats dumped at local shelter

The two cats were found last week at Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group.

Volunteers at a local not-for-profit animal shelter were confronted with a terrible act of animal cruelty last week, after two kittens were found drowned inside a storage container. 

The two kittens were found on March 13 behind a skip bin at the Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group site on Railway Avenue in Kelmscott. 

President Christine Yurovich said it was absolutely shocking and not something anyone should ever have to see. 

“We see a lot of cruelty unfortunately … we have had cats being eaten by ants, cats with half their head full of maggots but nothing like this,” she said.

“People have to realise that there is help there for any situation, but they cannot expect to turn up and dump cats or kittens on our front door step. 

“There is a solution for all cat problems.” 

Ms Yurovich said the cats were not starved or in a bad condition so someone had been caring for them. 

“The vet said it looked like they had been in the box for a couple of days and then drowned after that,” she said. 

Both cats were about 12 months old with a tabby colour and looked similar so were possibly siblings. 

They were not microchipped. 

The incident has been reported to RSPCA WA.