Callous thief targets op shop

Callous thief targets op shop

CCTV captured the offender inside the Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group op shop.

Staff at a local op shop are fed up with thieves breaking and entering their store, with the latest incident costing the not-for-profit organisation more than $4000. 

Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group op shop on Gillam Drive in Kelmscott was targeted last week, with a thief using an axe to break down the front door. 

The smash and grab occurred at about 3.25am on March 16, with the offender smashing a jewellery counter and taking off with a few items including an eftpos machine. 

Group president Christine Yurovich said thieves had broken into the store a number of times in the last two years. 

“I am just fed up … I don’t get upset anymore as I am beyond upset,” she said. “It costs us a lot of money each time it happens and I know we are not the only ones in the area that this happens to.” 

Thieves smashed the front door at Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group op shop to gain entry.

Ms Yurovich said she was dumbfounded as to why someone would steal from an op shop, as they are not going to make a fortune from what they are taking. 

“It is very hard to try and operate a charity op shop in any area let alone Kelmscott,” she said. 

“We get photographs of the offenders and licence plate numbers and give it to police but nothing happens.” 

Ms Yurovich said last week’s incident cost the organisation greatly as the front door and glass top on the jewellery counter need to be replaced and a new eftpos machine bought for the store.