Call for speed limit change

Call for speed limit change

Darling Downs Residents Association president Keith Ellis (front) with Harry Postma, Grier Bannon, Sandra Hawkins and Andrew Downey. Photograph — Richard Polden.

Masters Road in Darling Downs used to be a quiet road network with many rural properties, surrounded by the developing suburbs of Hilbert and Byford. 

However, according to the Darling Downs Residents’ Association president Keith Ellis, the previously quiet suburb now serves as a thoroughfare for speeding motorists who are damaging the beloved equine industry. 

Mr Ellis said the association has been trying to reduce the speed limit from 70km/hr to 50km/hr along Masters Road for many years. 

“There have been horses killed on Masters Road and we just want the shire to assist us with duty of care and reduce the risk mitigation,” he said. 

“There is a network of horse trails for those residents who have horses living on Comic Court and they have to cross Masters Road, and elderly people go walking with dogs on leads and have to cross Masters Road too.” 

Mr Ellis said many of the residents have had enough and the association has organised a meeting with police next month to brainstorm ideas to take to the shire. 

“We would like the same treatment on Masters Road that applies to Briggs Road in Byford, which includes a 50km/hr speed limit and two slow points,” he said.

“Hopkinson Road also has a 60km/hr speed limit and two slow points.”

Mr Ellis said many members in the association also held concerns about nearby developments on Thomas and Malarkey roads, which they fear may cause motorists to use Masters Road as a rat run to Rowley Road in order to avoid Armadale Road and Tonkin Highway. 

The community meeting will be held at Oakford Community Hall on Foxton Drive on May 1 at 7.30pm.