Byford resident to run errands for most vulnerable

Byford resident to run errands for most vulnerable


As authorities crackdown on self-isolation measures amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, one generous Byford resident has volunteered to help the community’s most vulnerable.

Thirty-four year-old Byford resident Jayde Kratochvill‎ took to social media to extend a helping hand, offering to run errands for those deemed most vulnerable, including those 60 and over, those with chronic illnesses over 60 and Indigenous persons over 50.

The post coincided with strengthened self-isolation advice issued by the federal and state government in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly respiratory virus.

“Please understand this is to ultimately help our at risk vulnerable community who need to be indoors as much as possible during this time,” the post read.

“I am here to help you if you do not have family members who are able to help and support you at this time.”

Ms Kratochvill said the post was prompted by an encounter just 48 hours prior in which she witnessed a frail, elderly woman fending for herself in the grocery store.

As Ms Kratochvill would later discover, the woman was not there alone by choice – but rather because she did not have family that were able to assist her.

“She was doing her grocery shopping alone in Aldi and what concerned me was that she didn’t appear to be social distancing,” she said.

“When she told me that she didn’t have any family to help and support her, I asked her if I could grab her groceries for her.”

Initially, the woman declined, but Ms Kratochvill insisted.

Having been emotionally moved by the encounter, the 34-year-old sprung into action – determined to support the community in a time of great hardship.

“It made me think ‘what can I do?’,” she said.

“I’m on lockdown and am working from home.

“I’m a fit and healthy 34-year-old – I can help those that are most vulnerable in a safe way.

“I truly believe that this is a time to offer support, that sense of community.”

The offer has been well-received online, with many agreeing that reinforcing a sense of community was just what was needed at this time.

“I think you need to maintain a healthy, positive mindset at a time like this,” Ms Kratochvill said.

“I don’t know how to solve the problem, but I am in a position to offer that support to those that need it.”

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