Balloons of thanks

Balloons of thanks

Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade volunteer Jervis Atkinson talks about fire safety with Caiden Bowers, Chase Dowser and Bobby King as well as Department of Parks and Wildlife officer Thomas Robinson. Photograph — Matt Devlin.

Jarrahdale Primary School students showed their support for firefighters last week with a National Red Balloon Day celebration.

The annual event honours and thanks firefighters with all profits from the sale of thank you fireys merchandise going back into fire services.

The school also received a visit from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade, who helped students understand the importance of fire safety and prevention.

Jarrahdale Primary School corporate services manager Jackie Adams said it was an important lesson particularly in fire prone areas such as Jarrahdale.

“It’s all around us so the Jarrahdale fire brigade is a really vital part of our community,” she said.

“It’s important for the children to understand what they do and to be thankful for that.

“The brigade brought a truck along so we had the opportunity to talk about that and what goes in to fighting fires as well as what we can do to prevent them and be safe.”