Artistic tale tries too hard

Artistic tale tries too hard

Armie Hammer and Geoffrey Rush star in Final Portrait.

What looked like a promising trailer turned out to be boring, dull and lifeless in Stanley Tucci’s Final Portrait.

Based on the true story of Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) the film tries too hard to be deep, meaningful and philosophical.

Giacometti is erratic in that I’m very creative so I can get away with yelling expletives for no reason kind of way, and he has taken on the task of painting a portarait of his friend James Lord (Armie Hammer).

Meanwhile, Giacometti’s partner Anette (Sylvie Testud) is furious as he has been seeing another woman (Clemence Posey) for the past three years.

The story had so much potential but it was obvious Tucci wanted to go for the artsy European type look and feel, except he failed miserably.

The story dragged and within half and hour of the film I couldn’t wait for it to end.

It was no fault of the cast, they were all exceptionally brilliant and Rush perfectly captures Giacometti’s peculiarities and Hammer is just as brilliant as the well put together writer who finds himself being painted by a man who used to be friends with Picasso.

There were some light-hearted moments which lulled you into thinking there was some warmth in this movie and an actual story, only to be destroyed moments later with another boring scene of Giacometti painting or smoking a cigarette.

Despite it’s best efforts Final Portrait is no masterpiece.


Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5


Rated: M


Distributor: Sony Pictures


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