Armadale’s war horse history marked in style

Armadale’s war horse history marked in style

Armadale's connection to the Australian 10th Light Horse Regiment will be honoured on May 27.

In honour of Armadale’s equestrian connections to the Australian 10th Light Horse Regiment and the centenary of the end of World War 1, Kelmscott Hall will hold The Great Ride on May 27 as part of the Armadale Arts Festival.

In 1918, the 10th Light Horse regiment rode into Damascus, leading the Australian Mounted Division ahead of Lawrence of Arabia. In just 12 days, they had covered over 800 kilometres of treacherous desert and mountains in Palestine and Syria, leading to the fall of Damascus and, soon after, the surrender of the Ottoman Empire.

Presented by award-winning musician Carmel Charleton, the event will bring together music, archival letters, poetry, film, military horse riding demonstrations by the Kelmscott-Pinjarra 10th Light Horse Memorial Troop, military displays, children’s activities and more.

“A thoroughly researched and well-presented exposé of the less-known offensive of the Australian 10th Light Horse regiment aimed at liberating Damascus during WWI. The chronicle of historical facts is given life by images from various sources and the personal accounts of Private Ned Moriarty written in a letter to his sister. Her emotion-charged finale, ‘Horses Coming Home’ brought many to tears. Carmel’s presentation is one of the best I have heard, and it has inspired me to learn more about my Grandfather’s involvement in WW1 and the Great Ride to Damascus.”

Tickets are free but space is limited, so go to or call 9394 5000 to book your spot.