Armadale youth worker kicking goals

Armadale youth worker kicking goals

Armadale woman Courtney Fare, 25, recently won the Youth Affairs Council WA’s Emerging Youth Worker Award and the Edith Cowan University community leadership award. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

Armadale woman Courtney Fare, 25, lives by the mantra that all children deserve great role models and she was doing everything she could to be one for the Armadale youth.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed though after she recently won the Youth Affairs Council WA’s Emerging Youth Worker Award and the Edith Cowan University Community Leadership Award.

Ms Fare, a youth engagement team leader at Save the Children, runs the One Step Closer program in Armadale providing a safe space for Aboriginal youth on a Friday evening.

She also coordinates back to country camps, which give young people a chance to have fun, learn about Noongar culture, build confidence and independence and spend time with Noongar elders.

She said her own experiences as a youth led her to her career path.

“I’ve naturally gravitated toward working with young people and I did this through dance teaching,” she said.

“I grew up in what was seen as a low socio economic background, my mum went to rehab, my dad went bankrupt so I had family members around me that were seen as at risk.

“I was sort of seen in school as that no-hoper who probably wouldn’t get far and I actually brought myself up through high school.

“At a young age I really understood the significance and how important it is to have a great role model in your life.

“I was very inspired by the youth workers and support I had around me and when I saw the need in my local community it made me so much more passionate about working with youth.

“I’ve always aspired to be a positive female role model in my community.”

Ms Fare said Armadale young people were turning around perceptions.

“I totally believe 100 per cent in my heart that anyone can do it,” she said.

“If you really believe in yourself and if you really have amazing support networks and have great role models you can do anything in your life.

“I’ve seen this community grow and thrive, I’ve seen a massive change in the street presence and the young people that were considered at risk.”

Youth Work WA chair Dana Anderson sang Ms Fare’s praises.

“Courtney’s leadership skills and the outcomes she has achieved for young people in Armadale are exceptional, particularly for someone so early in their youth work career,” she said.

Ms Fare was also a finalist for this year’s Young Person of the Year at the Youth Worker Awards and was also a semi finalist at the 2016 Young Australian of the Year Awards.