Armadale district hall plans on hold

Armadale district hall plans on hold


The City of Armadale was heading back to the drawing board on the $3.2 million upgrade of the Armadale district hall following public backlash on the current plans.

Armadale councillors rejected a recommendation to endorse the concept plan for the hall upgrade and instead revise designs and send it out for further community consultation in September.

The decision was despite community consultation on the original concept plan being completed in October and November last year.

The hall was built in 1936 and was one of four state listed heritage buildings in the city.

The proposed upgrade had been a contentious issue with some residents worried it would destroy the heritage aspects of it and did not take into account parking issues around the precinct.

The decision by councillors meant the city would have to prepare further reports on parking issues for the next round of community consultation.

Armadale mayor Henry Zelones said a final round of public consultation would be scheduled once the design plans were finished.

He said the city was also reviewing car parking as part of the refined concept plan.

He said the city wanted to begin work on the hall mid next year.

“A significant factor in the timing of the upgrade is to enable continued access to the district hall until June July 2016 when the upgrade to the Greendale centre is due for completion,” he said.

“It is seen as highly desirable not to have both centres closed at the same time to enable each to cover for the other in helping with the temporary relocation of user groups.”

Mr Zelones said upon completion the functionality of the hall would be significantly improved.

“A number of studies and plans regarding the Armadale district hall have been undertaken since 1989,” he said.

“The plans identified a deficiency of modern exhibition space and visual arts performance space, and in 2008 as part of the plan for the future and 15-year financial plan council approved the upgrade to the Armadale district hall.”