Alleged attack on inspector

Alleged attack on inspector

An RSPCA inspector suffered lacerations to his face following an alleged assault.

An RSPCA inspector was treated at Armadale Hospital for injuries suffered after an alleged assault while responding to an animal cruelty report in Cardup.

On Tuesday afternoon the inspector attended a property in response to a report of a dog strung up in a barn.

It has been alleged that when RSPCA inspectors arrived at the property they were prevented from entering and the occupants became abusive and aggressive.

It has also been alleged that a scuffle broke out and one inspector was punched in the face.

A formal complaint against the attacker has been filed and if found guilty he could spend time in jail for assaulting a public officer.

The inspector was treated for lacerations to his face but has since been released from Armadale Hospital.

RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said their inspectors faced difficult situations on a daily basis in response to reports of cruelty inflicted on defenceless animals.

“RSPCA WA has just 11 inspectors on the road covering the whole state,” she said.

“While their training prepares them for potentially volatile situations it is unacceptable they are assaulted in their line of duty.

“However that should not deter people from reporting acts of animal cruelty and neglect.”

Ms Swift said by banding together residents could ensure people were held accountable for their acts.

Anyone who witnesses an act of animal cruelty was encouraged to report it to the organisation’s cruelty phone line on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 3589).