A call out for members to fill historical gaps

A call out for members to fill historical gaps

Thornlie Baptist Church member Norma Mackenzie. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

Hidden among houses on a quiet Thornlie street lies a church that will celebrate its half century later this year.

Thornlie Baptist Church originally started in a house on Selby Street in 1968 before members rallied their support and built its current facilities on Wynyard Way.

A member for the past 40 years, Norma Mackenzie said the contemporary church had certainly had its ups and downs but she had always enjoyed her time at the Baptist Church.

“Both my children went to the girls’ and boys’ brigades, which were run from the very start,” she said.

“We have always had a Sunday service, Sunday school, Bible study groups and we have a little band there made up of a drummer, saxophonist, trumpeter, bass guitarist, pianist and a flute and ukulele player, which together make a beautiful sound.”

Ms Mackenzie also organises a friendship group that runs every Tuesday morning and the group is always welcoming new members.

The church will celebrate its 50-year anniversary in October this year and is calling for current and past members to fill in the gaps of the church’s history with photographs, videos and memorabilia.

Call Susan Clifford on 0431 255 723 or 9398 4224.