Canning community enjoys new trishaw

Canning community enjoys new trishaw

Cycle Without Age Canning received its new $16,000 trishaw on Friday, March 5.

Cycle Without Age Canning was fortunate enough to receive a new $16,000 trishaw for use at the Kent Street Weir.

The trishaw was dedicated an elderly man from Thornlie, who passed away last year.

Seeking to honour his legacy, the man’s family made a sizeable financial contribution to Cycle Without Age Canning.

The group then used the funds to purchase the trishaw.

Cycle Without Age Canning team members and City of Canning representatives gathered for the official hand-over ceremony on March 5.

“CWA volunteers enrich the lives of our senior residents with mobility issues by giving them a way to explore and connect with the Canning community,” a City of Canning spokesperson said.

“It’s important for the city to support volunteer groups such as these to ensure their valuable contributions into the future.”

Cycling Without Age is an internally recognised, not-for-profit organisation designed to help senior citizens engage in outdoor activities.

Established in 2019, Cycle Without Age Canning offers trishaw rides to elderly residents visiting the Kent Street Weir.