Youthful art creates colourful hubs

Youthful art creates colourful hubs

Neerigin Brook Primary School students have taken it upon themselves to make NBN boxes in their area brighter.

The artistry of some Armadale school students was unveiled last week in a project designed to provide some personality to normally boring suburban infrastructure.

Neerigin Brook Primary School students have been decorating National Broadband Network Fibre Distribution Hub cabinets near their campus.

The boxes were installed across the country as part of the NBN rollout and the students said the boxes were like a clean canvas.

Year six student Tyler painted the first box and said he was inspired by natural Australian imagery.

“I wanted to draw something Australian,” he said.

“Snakes, grasstrees, rivers and flowers as part of the dot painting, I’m proud of doing something everyone can see.”

The box is on the corner of James Street and Seventh Road in Armadale and Neerigin Brook Primary School principal Jane Wescott said the paintings would be something the children could remember for years.

“The artwork really developed that sense of pride,” she said.

“To have artwork displayed that children have helped designed, removes ‘the fence in the school’ and really builds a strong partnership.

“When some of those children move on from year six to high school they’ve still got that memory.”

The project was a collaboration between YouthCARE, the City of Armadale, Downer and local artist Renae Whyte.

YouthCARE chaplain Ms Magsaysay said she was proud of the work.

“It makes me teary to see the wonderful work the kids have done,” she said.

“To see them start a project and see it through the end where it is displayed for all to see is just wonderful.”