Frustrating game for Canning City SC

Frustrating game for Canning City SC

Canning City Soccer Club's long season has ended.

Canning City Soccer Club went down by two goals against UWA-Nedlands on the weekend after a frustrating afternoon as visitors.

From the first whistle Canning came out fast and strong and looked as if they could be the first team to score.

Canning player Laurence Cheyne found space wide about halfway into the first half on but failed to convert it into a goal.

A quick counter-attack by UWA-Nedlands sliced through the visiting defence and striker Alex Kretowicz slipped a shot into the back of the net to give the home side a one nil advantage.

Later a run by Canning skipper Callum Roberts presented a chance for the visitors to equalise but an aggressive tackle by a UWA defender outside of the box thwarted his efforts.

The defender received a yellow card for his effort.

Cheyne took the free kick and kicked it straight to the net but the goalkeeper scooped it up easily.

Counting toward the end of the first half, Canning continued to apply pressure to the home squad with consistent attacking plays but was stopped by the whistle before they could record a score.

The second half started with an energised Canning taking the ball into their forward, but an opportunity for UWA after a free kick ended up with the second goal for the home side after the ball was slipped into the corner of the net.

A slip up by UWA goalkeeper Joshua Marrochi resulted in the ball being passed straight to Roberts, who wasted no time in converting the mistake into Canning’s first score of the day.

A free kick later in the game resulted in UWA’s final goal of the afternoon.

The score nearly closed in the dying stages of the game after an opportunity for Cheyne ended in the ball hitting the cross bar.

The final whistle sounded shortly after with a three goals to one defeat for Canning.

Canning City SC will play Dianella White Eagles SC at Burrendah Reserve on Sunday May 28 at 3pm.

Canning is currently last on the ladder after five games and five losses.

Dianella were third.