City endorsed as a waterwise council

City endorsed as a waterwise council

The City of Canning now offers residents subsidies on home water audits and holds waterwise workshops throughout the year.

The City of Canning received endorsement as Waterwise Council from the Water Corporation last week, after working across the city to reduce water waste.

The city has implemented water efficient irrigation systems, water saving nutrient management techniques, low-water-use principles in new parks and created low-irrigation streetscapes to receive recognition.

The endorsement meant the city would have access to free Waterwise-training programs for staff, community promotional material as well as the opportunity to be involved in water efficiency initiatives.

Mayor Paul Ng said the city was acting as a guide for the community to follow.

“With climate change now affecting the amount of rainfall we receive in Perth every year, it is more important than ever that we are water wise in everything we do,” he said.

“Taking shorter showers, installing water wise gardens and using pool covers are things we can all do to reduce the amount of water we use.”

He said the city offered subsidies on home water audits, rainwater tank and pool covers and held water wise workshops throughout the year.

The Waterwise Council Program was run by the Water Corporation and saved more than 12 billion litres of water in 2015-16 – or more than 5300 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The Cannington and Riverton Leisureplexes had been endorsed as Waterwise Aquatic Centres since 2014 and used low flow taps and showerheads, water-efficient pool filtration systems and regularly conducted water use audits to review water use.

Water Corporation provided tips on how to be more water wise, including how to save water around the house and in the garden.

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