Appalling service

Appalling service

Lacey accompanies Katrina Kettley to work .

A Maddington woman has been left appalled after she was told to take her dog and leave Dome in Gosnells on Tuesday.

Katrina Kettley told Examiner Newspapers she tried explaining to a Dome employee her dog Lacey was a fully trained assistance dog with life saving medical alerting equipment.

Ms Kettley has a non-malignant brain tumour which sets off seizures and Lacy has been trained to sense when a seizure was coming on to help her sit down to prevent her from hurting herself.

Lacey also accompanies Ms Kettley to work.

Ms Kettley said she emailed Dome about her experience but has not heard from them.

“I was quite distressed by the attitude of the manager,” she said.

“I tried to be calm and rational and explain but he was not interested and made no attempt to call his head office and he just kept saying Lacey could not be there.”

Although no pets were allowed at Dome they did make exceptions for medical purposes and for dogs assisting people with disabilities.

Ms Kettley said her dog was not just a pet but trained for medical reasons.

She described Lacey as quiet and well-mannered and said the manager at Gosnells Dome only noticed her when she stood up to collect her order.

“I tried to explain to him and he said it doesn’t matter if it is the law, no pets,” she said.

“I am honestly appalled by this behaviour.”

Examiner Newspapers contacted Dome head office in Maylands but the company did not reply before deadline.